Green Street Solar Power

Green Street Solar Power
1-4 Family, Multi-Family and Commercial
Scott Kerner

Founded in 2014, Green Street Solar Power is a leading solar financing and installation company that provides turnkey solar solutions to residential and commercial customers. Headquartered in the Bronx, Green Street Solar Power operates throughout the Northeast region.

Green Street Solar Power is dedicated to helping each homeowner realize his or her ideal solar solution. By using the best technology and providing ultra-personalized service, we make your solar experience friendly, convenient, optimized for your location, and perfectly suited to your home. Each unique Green Street Solar Power installation comes with warranties backed by our industry-leading partners – respected, publicly traded multibillion dollar firms that will be around for many years to come. You can have peace of mind knowing that our solar industry partners will be maintaining and ensuring the effectiveness of our equipment over the next 20+ years.

Green Street Solar Power installations are monitored and fully warrantied by SunPower®, the industry leader in solar panel technology since 1985. They are highly efficient, attractive, and they fit our uncompromising approach to the job. Through our partnership with SunPower®, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system is supported by a long-time solar industry leader. We offer complete turnkey service and maintenance agreements to keep your system in top shape. All our leases are backed by SunPower® and include service and maintenance oversight through web-based monitoring. You can rest easy with the 25-year manufacturer’s warranty offered by SunPower®. Plus, you’ll add value to your home. Studies have shown that for every kilowatt of solar installed, the value of your residence will increase by approximately $5,500 when using SunPower® panels. At Green Street Solar Power, we provide the attentiveness of a local company, yet, through our partnership with SunPower®, offer the stability and longevity of a $150 billion multinational company.

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