1-4 Family


NYC Solar Array

Rooftop solar is a great way to save money while advancing local clean energy. New Yorkers have some of the most expensive electricity in the country, plus there are generous incentives for solar in NYC. Did you know that residential Solar in New York City can pay for itself in as little as four years?

While there are local, regional and national solar companies that install solar for pitched-roof suburban homes, historically many of these companies did not serve NYC flat-roof rowhomes due to the cost and permitting challenges. In 2014 Here Comes Solar began forming neighborhood purchasing groups in Brooklyn. By banding together, homeowners were able to secure solar for their homes and benefit from group discounts. From 2014-2016 Here Comes Solar formed 11 solar purchasing groups, resulting in more than 120 solar homes! There are now several local solar companies that are serving the flat-roof rowhome market and in 2016 we formed our final 1-4 family solar purchasing group and shifted our focus toward the affordable housing, multifamily and non-profit sectors.

Are you interested in solar for your home? See if there is an active Partner Campaign in your area or visit nysolarmap.com for an estimate of your home’s solar potential and to request a quote from local installers.

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