About Here Comes Solar


Here Comes Solar is Solar One’s program that facilitates solar adoption in hard-to-serve markets by providing comprehensive technical assistance to building owners so they can identify and implement cost-effective solar projects. Since 2014 Here Comes Solar has helped more than 200 NYC buildings adopt solar. Here Comes Solar is a program of Solar One, a leading environmental nonprofit organization in New York City, which was founded in 2004 and runs diverse programming including K-12 environmental education, green workforce training and technical assistance programs that help building owners adopt clean energy solutions.

When Here Comes Solar was founded in 2014, our major focus area was organizing solar purchasing groups for the 1-4 family rowhome market. The 1-4 family program was highly successful and in 2016 we shifted our focus toward other underserved sectors of the solar marketplace. Our current programmatic focuses are multifamily and affordable housing, resilient solar (solar with battery backup) and community solar. Visit the pages under the programs menu to learn more about how we work with building owners and partner with community based organizations.

Are you interested in solar for your building or community organization? Complete this short survey and Here Comes Solar staff will contact you shortly regarding your solar project.


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