Community Solar – Thank You!

Thank you for signing up for community shared solar! You are one step closer to purchasing your electricity from a 100% local solar energy system. Community solar does not rely on renewable energy certificates (RECs) purchased from large, remote hydroelectric or wind — the solar energy is generated on rooftops right here in New York City. As a subscriber, you are purchasing a percentage of the energy generated by the solar panels, offsetting your Con Edison bill and supporting a local solar project.

Next Steps

  1. Here Comes Solar staff will contact you to answer your questions, review your electricity bill, and confirm that you are eligible for community solar.
  2. Daroga Power will send you an email prompting you to login to their website (GoCDG) to review their customer agreement, enter your payment information and complete the registration process.
  3. Daroga Power will contact Con Edison to inform them that you will be receiving solar energy credits from one of their installations.
  4. You start saving on your Con Edison bill! Daroga Power will invoice you for 90% of your solar savings each month, and you will be able to login to their website (GoCDG) to view your solar production, utility bill savings, and environmental impact.

Want to multiply your impact? Tell your friends to sign up at

[addtoany url=”” title=”Visit the Community Solar page to see how New Yorkers can join shared solar projects on large roofs anywhere in the City.”]

Community Solar in Action

Daroga Power finished building their first large community solar projects in Brooklyn in early 2018 – check out the time lapse video of the system being installed!

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