Partner Campaigns

Solar One works with community partners to help make solar more accessible and affordable. Select an active campaign for more information and to get involved!

sunset park solar logo

Sunset Park Solar will be New York City’s first community solar project owned and operated by a cooperative for the benefit of local residents and businesses.

Co-ops Go SOlar

Co-ops Go Solar is a collaboration between UHAB and Solar One that empowers low-income homeowners across New York City to access a sustainable and resilient future for their community-led affordable housing. We make renewable energy easy with education, advisement, and support for HDFCs thinking about solar.


Community Power is an innovative 1.2-MW community solar project benefiting low- and moderate-income communities in New York City. Spread across three NYCHA campuses, the solar energy systems will generate enough solar energy credits to reduce energy bills for over 350 participating households. 

Cooper square committee logo

Cooper Square Committee Solar is a campaign that connects area residents to community shared solar projects in the City. For residents who live in buildings where roof space and shading is an issue, community solar makes it possible for them to join shared solar projects on large roofs and still save money on electricity bills.

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