Solar + Storage




Pairing solar with battery backup can provide clean, reliable power when the grid goes down. As we learned from Superstorm Sandy, access to backup power in the event of an emergency is a tremendous asset to communities, improving resilience and public safety. Until recently, batteries were primarily used for off-grid solar projects in remote areas that don’t have access to power from the utility. But as energy storage technology improves and costs come down, battery storage is becoming a viable option for buildings here in New York City. In addition to providing backup power, in many cases adding battery backup to solar projects allows large energy consumers to further decrease their electricity bills by offsetting demand charges. Solar One is facilitating a Solar Power and Battery Backup program on behalf of the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery. Through this program, up to 17 non-profit community centers in areas that were impacted by Superstorm Sandy will receive resilient solar + storage systems.


Are you interested in a resilient solar + storage system for your building? Contact us.
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