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HCS Chat: Inside the Solar Group Experience – A Conversation with Homeowner and HCS Member Garry Golden

In this Chat, HCS Director Chris Neidl talks with homeowner, HCS member and academic futurist Garry Golden about how he and three of his neighbors formed and expanded the Windsor Place Neighbors Solar Group in the Brooklyn neighborhood of South Slope/Windsor Terrace.  Garry shares his insights into the process of selecting local solar installer Green Street Solar Power using HCS's proposal platform SunBlock, and how he and his fellow core group members were able to triple the number of group participants after installer selection through their own direct outreach in the neighborhood.

In many ways, the experience and initiative of the Windsor Place Neighbors have made a permanent impact on the HCS Group Solar model, demonstrating with great effectiveness one of the core principals that Here Comes Solar is based on: Solar's inherent potential for 'social creativity', the ability of solar adopters to collectively shape the terms of their own solar experience, and overcome barriers and challenges that stand in the way of adoption. Hats off, big thanks and congratulations to Garry, Ann, Carl, Elsie, Karen, Mark, Eric and Nancy for their energy, contribution and successful group solar experience!


Herecomessolar.nyc Homeowner Survey - Interested in forming or joining an HCS Solar Group in NYC? Start by filling out our survey. We can determine if solar is a good fit for your home and lead you through the process of making a decision, and joining a group.

Garrygolden.com - Garry's website, full of his many, very interesting writings on various subjects in futurism, including energy. Check it out!

Brooklyn row house solar example - A short video tour of a typical Brooklyn row house solar electric system, presented by solar installer and HCS friend Matt Myshkin. (Garry refers to this during the chat).


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