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HCS featured in DNAinfo article about grassroots solar initiatives in NYC!

Yesterday (May 13) reporter Amy Zimmer at DNAinfo wrote a really nice article on grassroots solar initiatives in NYC that features our work and the experiences of some of HCS's first members. Big thanks to Prospect Gowanus Neighbors Adel Sarhan and Ann Schaetzel for providing Ms. Zimmer with such excellent accounts of your experiences with HCS! Since the article was posted yesterday we've gotten a huge response on our interest survey.

It's still early days for HCS, but we are incredibly excited and encouraged by the impact we've been able to have so far. Two groups of wonderful Brooklyn homeowners have now selected local qualified solar installers through our SunBlock platform, and have enjoyed great pricing through our strength in numbers approach. We're very appreciative of DNAinfo for bringing very welcome attention to our early efforts and success.




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