Our Technical Assistance Process


Multifamily housing providers, co-ops and condos can now access low-cost rooftop solar power. Solar One, through its Here Comes Solar program, provides comprehensive technical assistance for multifamily residential properties in New York City that are considering solar. 

Assement-Graphic SOLAR ASSESSMENT Is solar an attractive option for your building(s)? We will find out for you by completing remote and optional onsite technical assessment. During an onsite technical assessment we will visit your property to do an assessment on the rooftop to understand the solar potential of your building(s).
Education-Graphic BUILDING DECISION-MAKER EDUCATION Here Come Solar (HCS) staff provides free consultation, empowering building decision-makers and project champions with information regarding solar technology, costs, incentives and savings potential.
dollarsign FINANCING OPTIONS CONSULTATION HCS staff will prepare a detailed estimate that outlines the costs, incentives and financing options available for solar on your building(s). HCS staff will meet with you to explain the financing options that can make solar affordable, even for organizations or co-ops with limited reserves.
Hardhat CONTRACTOR ENGAGEMENT After you decide to move forward with a solar project, HCS staff will work with you to prepare a request for proposals and solicit competitive bids from qualified local solar installation companies.
Apt-with-Solar ENJOY CLEAN, AFFORDABLE POWER After your system is installed, it will produce clean, affordable energy for 25 years, reducing your long-term operating costs.

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